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The Most Successful PBS Pledge Drive Ever. #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS
If Downton Abbey took place entirely on Facebook - Season 4, Episode 2.(by Johnny McNulty, designed by Cole Mitchell)Via Happy Place
Downton Abbey  pickup lines #DowntonAbbey

A broken heart can be as painful as a broken limb


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Laura Carmichael: My top five films, including Annie Hall and The Lion King


Laura reveals Michelle Dockery has never seen The Lion King

Oddly enough that’s the only one I have seen. My mom did force me to watch Kramer vs Kramer but I’ve blocked it out.

This is one of my all-time favourites. I think Woody Allen is a genius and particularly in this film:…

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Downton Tabby #DowntonAbbey
You have the time to clean #DowntonAbbey

You have the time to clean #DowntonAbbey

Should not look for logic #DowntonAbbey

Should not look for logic #DowntonAbbey

“A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite.”

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“Mary wants power, but is prepared to play by the old rules. Sybil wants it by the new rules. And Edith just wants anything she can get.” —Julian Fellowes

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